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Watering Your Garden During the Winter Months

With winter just around the corner, taking the proper precautions to care for your landscaping can help maintain the beautiful, lush look it had during the summer months. Different seasons bring different watering requirements and it’s important to make sure that you are providing the right amount of water to each component of your landscape for optimal seed germination and healthy growth. This is one reason making use of affordable landscaping services is a wise move even during winter months.

Here are some things to remember when watering your landscape this winter:

Understand the Temperature Range

In order to determine the water requirements for your landscaping during the winter, you need to first understand the temperature range of your region. Generally, the colder the temperatures, the less natural rainfall will occur. That’s why it’s important to check the temperature of your area in order to know how much water will be necessary for your landscaping maintenance.

Check the Forecast for Rainfall

In addition to checking your temperature, you will also need to check the forecast for your region’s coverage of rainfall. If precipitation is predicted, you may be able to avoid the necessity of manually watering your lawn and plants. If, however, the forecast predicts dry weather with little to no rain, you will need to step up your watering game in order to avoid damage to your plants.

Set Appropriate Watering Timing

When manually watering your gardening planters or lawn, try to water them early in the morning. Morning watering allows the water to soak deeply into the roots and provides plants with a drink before the cold winter surge. Avoid watering too late in the evening because this can lead to disease and fungal problems.

Winter months can be difficult when it comes to maintaining the health of your landscaping, however, it’s nothing to be worried about! Knowing the temperature and rainfall in your region, as well as scheduling appropriate water timing can help to ensure your plants and lawns stay beautiful and healthy, even during the cold winter months.

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