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Why Mulching Is Beneficial to Your Lawn

Make Your Plants Healthy

If you’re looking to get the most out of your lawn and make it as healthy and attractive as it can be, mulching is one of the most important steps you can take. Mulching your lawn involves covering the bare soil with a layer of materials such as grass clippings, bark, leaves or plastic. Adding a layer of mulch to your lawn or garden can bring many benefits, including keeping your lawn looking neat, fresh and vibrant, reducing weed growth and providing an essential nutrient boost to the soil.

Prevent Weeds from Growing

By adding a layer of mulch to your lawn, you can keep the weeds from growing and prevent the topsoil from drying out. The layer of mulch also helps keep fertilizers in the soil and reduces soil erosion. Grass clippings or leaves make excellent mulch for lawns and gardens because they decompose over time, adding natural nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil.

Control Water Loss

Fertilizing your lawn can also help control water loss. A layer of mulch can protect the soil, locking in moisture and reducing the need for frequent watering. Applying a layer of mulch can also reduce water run-off, helping to conserve water by allowing it to slowly soak into the ground.

Better Lawn Appearance

In addition to these practical benefits, the natural fertilizer also helps to give your lawn a neat, groomed appearance and adds colour and texture to your outdoor space. Mulch can be used to create patterns or patterns and borders that give your garden a ‘finished’ look. You can find a variety of mulches available in different shades and textures, making it easy to match the look to your garden’s design.

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