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What Is Included in Commercial Landscaping

What Is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is very similar to residential landscaping as both involve the planning, designing, installation, and maintenance. However, the reasons behind both are where they part ways. As a commercial landscape is a beautiful working environment and is said to increase output by the workers, will attract more clients and create a fresh atmosphere to improve overall employee health.

Also, landscaping companies work on the spaces to ensure that the layout of the landscape reflects the values of the company or companies that it surrounds.

So What Does Commercial Landscaping Entail?

  • Reducing any harsh architectural lines and angles by installing plants in the right places. Plants are known to bring balance to harsh-looking landscapes or to areas that house utility boxes. A mixture of grass, shrubs, and other plants can transform a boring area into a slice of paradise.
  • The use of artificial water bodies such as ponds, fountains, or artificial waterfalls will create a natural feel to commercial spaces.
  • Planting lawns, fences, fertilizing, weeding, mowing, and pruning will maintain a more manicured look.
  • Designing spaces that will reflect the values of the company, such as low-water native plants for green businesses.

Does your commercial building have open empty barren spaces around it, if so hiring a commercial landscaper could have profound benefits to your business?

Landscaping is able to transform any space, no matter if they are big or small, and the cost will depend on the size of the space, the elements included in the landscape, and the amount of maintenance needed for upkeep.

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