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Tips From Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

Maintenance Tips for a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn and Landscape

Below are a few key lawn and landscape maintenance services tips that will help you to keep your property looking both beautiful and healthy.


Keeping your lawn at the proper height is imperative! As over-mowing is a common occurrence as homeowners strive to have the perfect lawn. But, if you love your lawn, then too much over-mowing can damage the crown of the grass, or will mean the roots will burn by mowing the blades too short. You should never mow your grass more than 1/3 of the existing blade length.


The proper planting of trees and shrubs is important to long-term health. Planting too deeply, which means covering the crown of the root ball will smother your plants, in material if it is a large tree, a medium-sized shrub, or a tiny transplant. Most plants prefer their growing crown to be even with the soil line or slightly above it. When you are planting trees, they should be planted directly into the soil in a hole that is as deep as the root ball and twice as big. There should be no need to amend the soil when planting trees. This same planting depth also applies to both annuals and perennials, with the exception of plants that need the soil to be amended with some organic compost.


Keeping both your lawn and garden properly watered is another important element of a healthy landscape. However, overwatering your lawn could result in fungal diseases and subsequent pest infestations, and on the flip side, water too little and your lawn will start to wither and die, which in turn will also attract pests. One good rule of thumb to try when it comes to watering is to provide the equivalent of an inch of rain per week using either your garden hose or your irrigation system.

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