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The Top Mulching Options for Your Garden

Mulch With the Best

Warm hugs show that someone cares. By mulching, you can give your garden a warm hug. There are three top-tier types of organic mulch from which to choose. The options are as follows:

Top Three Mulch Choices

Cypress mulch, Grade A

It is made of the bark that has been removed from the outside of the tree, and it does a much better job of keeping moisture in than any other mulch. It is also the slowest of them all to breakdown. Even though it costs more, it keeps its shape and color for the longest. With such character and a slow breakdown, it means less replenishment is required.

Bulk cypress mulch

The most prevalent variety can be found in retail and home improvement stores. This cypress mulch is made from the interior wood of cypress trees that had the bark removed (the one made as Grade A cypress). Before needing to be replaced, it retains its color for a year. When using this mulch, one thing to remember is to remove the old mulch first before adding the new one. In contrast to other organic mulches, it does not break down as efficiently. It can clump up because it retains more groundwater, allowing mold to grow and attracting termites, ants, and roaches.

Mulch from crushed pine needles

Pick pine needles if you want to get rid of weeds. One of the best options for controlling weeds is this colorful mulch. Because it is easier to spread and provides greater coverage, this requires less effort. This has the best nutrients for adding to the soil, but unlike cypress, it breaks down faster, requiring more frequent replenishment. In strong winds, it can easily be carried away due to its light weight. It is a cost-effective alternative that spreads more widely than other mulches.

There are still a few other options for organic mulch, but these are the three best ones. But picking one is only the beginning. Contact a reputable landscaper to do the mulching the right way. You can find ER Landscaping of LI Inc in Locust Valley, NY for this. Contact us immediately at (516) 210-5882 for questions and bookings.