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The Three Types of Landscaping Weeds

Weeds are typically unwanted plants that grow in an area and can interfere with desired vegetation. Weeds can be a nuisance in a landscape; however, there are a variety of different types of weeds that can be identified. Knowing what types of weeds are present can help determine the best type of control or eradication method. So let your landscaping contractor educate you on the different types of weeds below!


The first type of weed is an annual. Annual weeds complete their life cycle within one year; they will germinate, flower, produce seed and then die. This type of weed relies on the production of seeds for the next year, meaning that it is important to prevent the seeds from being produced to help stop the spread of the weed. Examples of annual weeds include crabgrass, chickweed, black medic, and mustard.


The second type of weed is a biennial. Biennials will have a two-year life cycle, meaning they will spend their entire first year as small seedlings before they begin to mature and flower the next year. During the second year of the life cycle, these weeds must be killed before they can produce any seeds, as this will help to prevent them from spreading. Examples of biennial weeds include bull thistle, sweet clover, and wild carrot.


Lastly, there are perennial weeds. These types of weeds live year-round and are typically more challenging to control as they will return each year. Perennial weeds often have deep tap roots that help them survive and reproduce year after year. Examples of perennial weeds include dandelion, white clover, and Bermuda grass.

Understanding the types of weeds that exist in a landscape setting is important in order to choose the right type of control or eradication solution. Knowing what type of weed is present will also help provide insight into how to manage or control them in the future. Regardless of the type of weeds that are present in your lawn, there is ER Landscaping of LI Inc that you can trust to make your garden weed-free in no time. We’re a preferred landscaping contractor in all Locust Valley, NY for the quality services that we offer at affordable rates. If you have questions, call us at (516) 210-5882!