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Landscaping Contractor Classification of Roses

Roses Categories: Finding the One Suitable for Your Landscape

Only by taking the rose class to which it belongs into account can the qualities of a certain rose type be completely understood. Roses may be categorized in several ways. For instance, differentiating rose varieties based on color and bloom type. Several specialists divided the numerous rose varieties into three groups: contemporary roses, old-fashioned roses, and wild roses. Nevertheless, a landscaping contractor uses the following classifications:

Grandiflora Roses

This group of roses, which may be thought of as a subset of hybrid tea roses, is one of the most well-known varieties. With flowers that occur in clusters rather than singly on the stems, this variety of roses is frequently rather tall.

Miniature Rose and Miniflora Roses

A “miniature” rose is simply a shorter, more compact variety of the hybrid tea or grandiflora rose, with similarly petite blossoms that are often no taller than 15 to 30 inches. A “miniflora” rose has blooms that are between a floribunda and a miniature in size.

Hybrid Tea Roses

One of the best-known varieties of roses, it has big, elaborate blooms with 30 to 50 petals that emerge from long stems. Many hybrid tea roses have been created, and new kinds are continuously replacing older ones.

Floribunda Roses

This is the second most popular rose variety after hybrid teas and grandifloras. A floribunda rose bears its blooms in substantial clusters, similar to grandifloras. This kind, however, blooms continually, in contrast to hybrid teas and grandifloras, which typically bloom in six- to seven-week cycles. Being one of the best rose kinds to cultivate, floribundas also frequently require less maintenance than hybrid tea and grandiflora roses.

Polyantha Roses

However, the plants in this group are shorter and the flowers are smaller than those in the floribunda, respectively. Hedges and edgings frequently contain polyanthas.

Climber/Rambler Roses

Roses in this category have long, arching canes that can be trained onto fences, trellises, arbors, and pergolas. They don’t belong in a separate class. As a result, a grandiflora rose is referred to as a climber. Climber or rambler plants require tying to their vertical supports to grow upward; they are not clinging, twining plants.

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