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Know Some Mulching Mistakes to Avoid

Get Mulching Done Right

Want a healthier lawn? Mulch installation contributes significantly to soil improvement, moisture retention, and plant protection against specific pests. However, proper mulching is required to ensure these benefits. Poor application frequently results in various mistakes, including:

Mulch Volcanoes

Trees require various things, including oxygen, water, nutrients, and light, to thrive and develop into mature organisms. Shredded bark piles at their base are the last thing they need, as they can suffocate the tree. So why, year after year, do people create mulch volcanoes by piling so much around plants? Mulch volcanoes suffocate tree roots, deprive plants of water, attract pests and disease, and kill trees.

Wrong Mulch

Is this the proper mulch for your needs? Not all mulches are created equal; some are better suited to particular plants. Shredded bark, like sawdust and wood chips, is not a good option for a herb garden and will cause plants to wither. Additionally, it is not recommended in a garden that produces edibles. If you’re unsure what kind of mulch would be best for your plants, consulting a landscaper is a good idea.

Wrong Time

The best time to apply mulch is when the ground is still damp from recent rain. To shield perennial herbaceous plants from the freezing and thawing temperatures that occur naturally throughout the season, mulch should be applied to these plants in the late fall. Consult with a landscaper to know the best time to mulch particular plants.

Dirty Mulch

The best mulch to use is one that does not smell or harbor pests. Avoid using mulch if it emits a chemical odor; this includes sawdust and wood chips that have not been appropriately aged, for example. Also, mulch crawling with ants or other insects should not be used, especially if it is going to be applied around foundation plants or other plants that are close to homes.

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