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Commercial Landscaping Tips to Draw Customers In

How Landscaping Can Increase Your Profit Margin

Commercial properties must look flawless and have a well-maintained exterior landscape. A well-maintained garden will be more inviting to customers thus increasing your company’s reputation. Unfortunately, most businesses do not pay as much attention to the exterior space, however, anyone entering your company will first notice the exterior commercial landscaping. By following some simple tips, you will be able to enhance the look of the exterior of your building.

A beautifully designed landscape can also provide an excellent work environment for workers, in turn, creating a favorable opinion of your attitude towards the company and employees.

Pay attention to the Entrance

An inviting and appealing entrance is often the most important thing for a commercial building. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for your property. Use materials that have different textures and colors, in addition to unique pathways to draw in more customers.


Adding different plants and colors to your exterior space is also highly recommended. Try to display your company’s name or logo with plants and shrubs. Choose bright-colored plants that are eye-catching, but not too garish, and will complement your landscaping and the style of your building.

Exterior Furniture

The outdoors are often used for gathering. So put modern and traditional furniture outside for both employees and customers that visit your place. Plain wooden benches will also create a sense of relaxation.

Decorative Features and Hardscapes

Keep an eye on the d├ęcor of your landscape. Use decorative features such as fountains and statues. Choose sculptures that are appealing, but will also compliment your building. Along with giving a good look, hardscapes will also provide security. Stone ways or pathways that have colorful flowering plants dotted around can provide a pleasant experience for the pedestrians that come onto your office.

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