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Commercial Landscaping Tips for the Summer Months

Your Commercial Yard Deserves the Best Care

Freezing temperatures during summer months can cause serious damage to the plants in a commercial landscape. While many businesses focus on providing aesthetic appeal using ornamental plants, they must also be aware of the potential damage that can occur during unexpected cold spells. Taking preventative measures as well as knowing which plants should be avoided is the key to protecting your commercial landscaping from severe damage.

Symptoms of Damage

The first and most obvious symptom of damage is wilting or drooping leaves. Other signs include discoloration of the leaves, browning at the tips or edges, leaf cracking, and leaf roll. Damage can also result in leaf drop and poor or stunted growth of branches.

Plants to Avoid in Summer

Certain plants are at a higher risk of damage and should be avoided or replaced with hardier options in order to protect your landscape. Annuals like impatiens and petunias are particularly vulnerable, as are perennials including delphiniums and hostas. Any plants with thin, tender leaves or those that produce dense foliage are also more susceptible to cold damage.

Selection Strategies

When selecting plants for your landscape, prioritize hardy varieties that have been rated to grow in your local climate. Look for plants that are native to the region, as they have adapted to the environment over time and possess built-in protections from colder temperatures.

Plant Placement

It is also important to pay attention to the placement of your plants. Ensure that they are scattered around and there is enough space between each one to ensure airflow and allow for temperature variation. Make sure to choose the right soil for the plants you’re growing, and to keep up with regular watering to prevent dehydration.

Cover Delicate Plants

Finally, cover delicate plants, particularly those that have been newly planted, with protective cloth at night to block cold air and reduce potential damage.

By following these practices and avoiding plants that can’t handle harsh temperatures, businesses can protect their commercial landscapes from damage during summer months and protect their investments in plant life.

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