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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Solutions That Work!

Have you noticed some areas of your yard with dead grass? Does the backyard have weeds growing everywhere? If you’re not sure why the health of your lawn isn’t getting better, you might need to get assistance from a team of specialists like ER Landscaping of LI Inc. All of our customers in Locust Valley, NY can get residential and commercial landscaping & lawn care services from us at reasonable prices.

Lawn Care Techniques That Work

If you don’t have the necessary tools, maintaining the grass might be challenging. However, even if you have a full arsenal of tools, you still need to know the right methods for maintaining your grass. Otherwise, all of your lawn care efforts would be in vain. For instance, if you water your plants excessively and puddles begin to form on the soil’s surface, it implies that the roots are unable to absorb the water, which could cause them to eventually die. Instead, only provide as much water as the roots require once each day. If you require expert assistance, you can always find reasonably priced lawn care services.

Allow Us to Maintain Your Lawn!

Our lawn care services concentrate on employing the proper methods to make the lawn healthier than it was before. To prevent the water from evaporating too quickly, we will water before the sun rises. However, we’ll also make sure to water the lawn gradually – the roots will then have time to take in all the water it requires. After that, we’ll also trim the grass to about a fourth of its original length to prevent weed growth. When necessary, we can also add mulch and/or fertilizer. Allow us to take care of your grass, and we’ll restore it to full health.

ER Landscaping of LI Inc is a provider of affordable residential & commercial landscaping and lawn care services for those who need help in improving the health of the lawn on their property. Are you struggling with taking care of the lawn on your property in Locust Valley, NY? Call us at (516) 210-5882 now!