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Bright Shrubs That Display Beautiful Foliage for Months According to Landscaping Contractors

Beautiful Months-Long Foliage on Colorful Shrubs

If you envision a shrub in your mind as a simple green bush, reconsider. Landscaping contractors selected many cultivars with vividly colored leaves that are virtually black, flaming golden, and crimson. White, cream, or gold is more subtly flecked on certain plants. These shrubs, some of which are evergreen, produce stunning foliage and will put on a show in your landscape from spring through fall.

Wine & Roses Weigela

Wine & Roses is a medium-sized shrub with striking leaves that conveys a strong message. The vibrant purple foliage is stunning from spring through fall and is decorated with pink blooms in the spring and summer. Deer normally stay away from this kind of weigela, which can endure dryness. Plant breeders have created cultivars with golden leaves (Sonic Bloom Ghost) as well as more compact purple-leaf variations, such as Fine Wine (4 feet tall) and Midnight Wine (1 foot tall).

‘Dart’s Gold Ninebark

The ‘Dart’s Gold’ ninebark has golden-green foliage that appears in the spring and is so bright yellow that many people mistake it for forsythia. Similar to the ‘Diabolo’ ninebark, this type is exceedingly hardy and is as near to a “plant it and forget it” shrub as you can find. Autumn brings a gorgeous shade of gold (flushed with bronze) to the chartreuse leaves. In comparison to many purple-leaf types, it also exhibits higher resistance to powdery mildew.

Chardonnay Pearls Deutzia

You’ll adore the deep golden hue and little size of Chardonnay Pearl’s deutzia, which allows you to combine it with your preferred annuals and perennials or grow it in pots. White flowers are produced by these vibrant shrubs in the spring, but the foliage steals the show. In a sunny location, it develops its color the finest. However, in hot summer areas, excessive afternoon sun might cause the leaves to burn.

Dappled Willow

Fast-growing shrubs like dappled willow are excellent for enhancing the landscape. It has airy-looking blue-green leaves that are heavily flecked with pink and white. The adaptable dappled willow enjoys both full and partial shade, and it tolerates a variety of soil types. This shrub is occasionally offered for sale as a standard (as a tree). It looks lovely both as a little tree or shrub.

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