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3 Mulching Tricks and Tips for Your Garden

Taking Proper Care of Your Garden With Mulch

With all the benefits that mulching provides plants and soil, using it in your garden seems like a no-brainer. However, simply throwing it into your garden won’t benefit your plants much, and in fact, using mulch the wrong way, in the wrong spot, or in the wrong amount can actually do your flora more harm than good. Following a few tips and tricks for using mulch in your garden properly and effectively will help your plants and soil reap all the benefits and protection that this compost type offers.

Use the right amount

Knowing how much mulch to use in your garden is the first step in applying it to help the fauna thrive. Not using enough won’t allow it to be nearly as effective as it could be, while using too much can cause your plants to weaken and require more nutrients and water as it encourages their root systems to remain shallow. Mulch should be kept from 2 to 3 inches thick to ensure you have enough for your plants to reap the benefits but not too much to where your flora is suffocated and buried under it.

Test your soil

Testing the acidity and nutrient consistency of the soil in your garden can help you determine which nutrients your garden lacks and if the pH level is suitable for plant growth — all of which will help you understand better what type of mulch you need to buy for best results.

Apply mulch twice a year

You should add mulch to your garden once in the spring after the ground thaws, and then add a second layer after the ground freezes in late fall. Adding the second layer of fertilizer helps add an extra barrier of protection for your plants against the harsh winter elements. This will help encourage new growth and allow your plants to breathe.

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